Apr 3, 2013

blue & nude

oh my I have so much to catch up on.. been so busy with school, photography jobs, birthday and adding a very cool pair of shoes to my collection! I turned 16 at the end of February and had no idea what I wanted from my parents so during my stay in Brighton with my auntie I went out on some birthday present hunting (does that even make sense?!). I really didn't know what I wanted but came across this Herschel rucksack in Urban Outfitters and fell in love. I have a thing for rucksacks and thought this one would look great with all black, which is perfect for me seeing as I love black. 

rucksack- Herschel @UrbanOutfitters- £80

rucksack- Herschel @UrbanOutfitters- £80
I also got these two lovely bracelets, the gold one from my sisters and the silver from a friend. I think they look lovely together and hope to buy myself some more before this summer. 

I have been desperate to make some money lately and seeing as my parents don't give me loads of pocket money I did some photography jobs at a golf club. I covered two birthday parties which was tough and exhausting but so worth it when I can buy myself some goodies (clothes and shoes obviously!) So once I had earned the money and put half away to pay my Grandma off for my camera, I went and did some shopping with my mum and bought this lovely pair of dungarees from Zara.

I also made a cheeky order from Asos and bought myself these rings and an amazing pair of New Balance trainers that I'm obsessed with.

trainers -New Balance @Asos
I also had my septum pierced whilst I was in England. I've wanted it for a while now and my parents were completely against it until I did my work experience and got amazing feedback so they thought I deserved it. I have always wanted a hoop but had to, at first have a horseshoe. I thought the horseshoe was really ugly and so went to change it last weekend and got a thin gold hoop put in which I love.  

I have also been asked to be the official school photographer for the yearbook which I'm really excited about! Will hopefully do an outfit post sometime soon.
Love, P.