May 2, 2013

rabbits and rainbows

Rabbit head- Ebay / leggings & boots - Urban Outfitters 
skirt- Zara / boots - UO
skirt- Zara / boots - UO

skirt- Zara / boots - UO

So yes I went to school today with my rabbit head on, but trust me, I was not the weirdest. Today was the school carnival which is my favorite day of the year and then the concert which was also great fun. I was also, as well as working my rabbit head, in charge of taking photos for the school yearbook which was fun. 
I then realized that I was over heating in my gorgeous blue leggings so I quickly changed into my beloved Zara shorts to finish off the long day of hard work *sarcaaaaaasm*.
And as they say 'you learn something everyday', today I learnt that I really do like rainbow nails. 
That's all for tonight, 
Love, P. 

1 comment:

  1. ahhahaah the rabbit head is hilarious girl! love the nail polish too :)