Feb 24, 2013


hey hey hey, sorry about my absence for the past few weeks I've been extremely busy with some really exciting things, so many I don't even know where to start! 
Not only am i now the proud owner of a polaroid camera (it's the small things that count right?) and some pretty cool pink lipstick I also spent an amazing week doing work experience with some amazing designers helping them prepare London Fashion Week (can't help but grin to myself when typing this). During the week there I kept a diary so that I didn't forget anything, so stay tuned for some excited posts coming soon! 

I had a really busy week and didn't stop running around as I was commuting from Brighton to London everyday but I did manage to have sunday off so I spent the day with my auntie and got a little bit of shopping done. I'm actually surprised at how little I bought. 

color sensational POPSTICKS by maybelline - '030 pink lollipop' - £7.19
I have wanted this lipstick for absolutely ages but every time I went to buy it it was out of stock so I decided to wait until I got to England as it's also cheaper there. I love the colour of it and it smells so delicious you want to eat it (sounds weird but honestly you do). The colour also lasts really long on your lips which is good seeing as I'm forever licking mine. Anyway I think this is a must have, especially as it's so affordable. 

rings- COS- £10 each
 I'm really into the whole 'don't just wear one ring, wear one on every finger' look at the moment. So tried to find some pretty simple rings and came across these babies in COS. Love the colours together too.

nail varnish - OPI 'Mrs.O'Leary's BBQ' 
nail varnish - OPI 'Mrs.O'Leary's BBQ'
When I go to Brighton I always update my nail varnish collection as my auntie has a card for a make-up shop there so i can get OPI nail varnish a lot cheaper then here in the south. I also bought a top-coat and they both cost me £10.

I have wanted a polaroid for so long now and when my auntie found her old one and offered it to me i couldn't say no. I ordered the film (don't even know if that's what you call it) and when I arrived in Brighton I had everything I needed to start snapping away. I was so glad to have it in London, although it's huge and weighs a tone, I got some nice photos that will be something lovely to look at in a few years times. 

Can't wait to start my 'week with Teatum Jones' posts so watch dis spaaaace. 
Love, P. 


  1. Looove the COS rings!!!
    Glad you had a good time in London :)

  2. Hello, nice to know your blog!, I love it, your blog and your beautiful style!
    Thank you very much for your visit. I liked everything I have a similar nail paint color, and great camera

    I'm happy here in your blog if you like and like to stay in my world. I would hope if you're there

    good week


  3. how cool, a polaroid! I'd love to get it too! Nice haul, the nail polish is amazing! xo

  4. Love the rings and nail colour! ..X

  5. wow, amazing purposes, simply loving them
    i hope youll like my blog as i love your one!!
    definitely keep like this and i wish we could follow each oter and stay in touch and reading us :))

    loads of love!


  6. Amazing lipstick & polaroid ;)


  7. your sense of style is exceptional

  8. Thanks for your comment in my blog :D is very beautiful your blog :D
    If you want we can follow each other!!!
    I'll wait you in my blog!!

  9. The nail varnish looks gorgeous!

  10. The nail varnish and lipstick both look lovely. Bet working at LFW was incredible!