Mar 1, 2013

Part #1 with Teatum Jones

Why hello lovely people! So as promised I'm doing a diary sort of thing of my week with the amazing Teatum Jones. I got this work experience through my auntie, she used to be a make-up artist for Nars, she knows the 'Jones' side of the duo. I'm going to do this diary in a few parts hopefully and then i'll do a post about the day of their show. Enjoy! 

Day 1: Monday 

Seeing as it was my first day, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to be doing. I decided to dress casually but wanted to give a good impression seeing as I had never met the Teatum Jones team before. My grandma took this polaroid of me in the morning (when my boots were nicely polished unlike that evening..).
So anyway I got to their studio at 11 o'clock and met everyone. By half past I was already out on my first job; delivering exclusive London Fashion Week invites! I went all over the place and considering I don't live anywhere near London I was quite impressed with myself. I started off near Charing Cross and finished in China town at 7pm. Wasn't very glamourous seeing as I was frozen and my feet were killing me but I didn't half see some amazing hotels and deliver some very important invites including Scott Schuman's (oh my gooooooood!) from The Sartorialist. By the end of my first day I was absolutely exhausted and fell into bed when I got back to my grandma's in Brighton at 9'30..

polaroid of my outfit-
the underground stop I got off every morning for the studio-
the empty underground on my first day-
the state of my shoes after a day of walking running around London-
Day 2: Tuesday
On my second day I got in at 10, I had about two hours of traveling morning and night.. I got into the studio and was sent out again to deliver more invites. I delivered to Harrods, Feathers and Browns. I got back after lunch and took some photos to be sent to bloggers. I also typed out the Teatum Jones biography and press release. Once I'd finished that I started covering books with the other interns. 
the invites I had to deliver-
the lookbook- 
the mood board- 
one of the interns covering books- 
the Teatum Jones scarfs-
Anyway think this is enough for today, been busy doing photo-shoots, homework and partying (yes I have an excuse I turned 16 the other day!) Also very happy, just been given two photography jobs at a golf club to photograph birthday parties, very exciting! 
Off to catch up on my missed 90210 episodes, bring them ooon! 
Love, P. 


  1. Interesting read :) thanks for sharing. X

  2. I really like these images