Mar 9, 2013

Part #2 with Teatum Jones

Day 3-6: Wednesday - Saturday 

I decided to put these last few days together seeing as they mostly consisted of the same small jobs. I stuck nails through paper butterflies, ran around delivering the last few invites, bought 10p books from charity shops, built an ikea bookshelf, glued fake grass onto shelves, framed photos, covered the last few books and last but no least did loads of model castings. By the end of the week I was absolutely exhausted and couldn't wait for Sunday off. I was sore all over from walking around, carrying heavy boxes and burning my finger on the glue gun but still couldn't wait for their show on the following Tuesday.

the beautiful Teatum Jones butterflies 
my zara sneakers i lived in
the check list
the models' cards
model casting
model casting
the making of the butterflies
model casting

My favorite part was probably when the models came in, loved meeting all these beautiful girls. When they arrived we took a card off them and took their book. We then measured them and did full length shots and close ups, they also tried on some of the collection to see how it looked on the different body shapes. These photos aren't great, but stay tuned as I'll be posting the pictures of backstage soon!
Love, P.

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