Apr 27, 2013

strawberries, shoes and moves like jagger

Jagger/ Jeffrey Campbell 

Rocher & Gallet / Huile Sublime

Photo from LOVE magazine

Photos from LOVE magazine

Sandals / Zara 

Jeans / Zara - Sneakers / New Balance - Hoodie / H&M 

Jeans / Zara - Sneakers / New Balance - Hoodie / H&M

Jeans / Zara - Sneakers / New Balance - Hoodie / H&M

Right i'm officially the worst blogger in town.. and although I could say I'm sorry i'm not going to (feeling rebellious tonight mouahah). So yeah you're probably thinking 'evil bee-otch' but I do have a reasonable excuse, I have spent my two weeks of holiday revising for my IGCSEs in May and seeing as I haven't lifted a finger this school year I decided to get my arse into gear (really felt I had to).

I have though, in my study breaks (took a few too many I think) managed to do some shopping and internet window shopping. I've managed to fall in love with three pairs of shoes, spend the little amount of money I had left, eat a lot of crap, order business cards and feel like an artist making collages.

I'm forever seeing, whether it be on instagram or tumblr, photos of skinny toned supermodels which has kept me yelling to myself 'GET ON A DIET'. I have been eating so badly I can't even think about myself in a bikini right now, too much to handle at the moment with my pretending to be a very studious person. Moving on, the last 3 photos sum up my outfits at the moment, been living in my new H&M hoodie and New Balance sneakers.

Talking about shoes, I have managed, somehow (thank god for the wonders of internet shopping nowadays) to fall head over heels (heels..shoes... get it? note to self: i really should be a stand up comedian) in love with three pairs of shoes. The first pair are the Jagger shoes by Jeffrey Campbell that I came across on instagram, but of course I can't find a European online shop that sells them in pink. AM I DESTINED TO NEVER BE ABLE TO BUY THE SHOES I NEED?! (need not want of course) The second pair are the strawberry converse that I was also introduced to through instagram and I have found somewhere to order them but not quite sure about them yet.
It has suddenly gotten very hot down here in da south so using that as an excuse to get these Zara sandals, now I just need to get off my derrière and go buy them.

Since the first signs of summer I have been going on, driving my family and friends crazy about how I must invest in a good body, hair and face oil before the high heat of summer hits. So when I came across this amazing Roger & Gallet 'huile sublime' I couldn't resist and I must say that was probably the most I have ever spent on skin care and I don't regret it in the slightest. This oil, not only smells delicious, but leaves your skin and hair glowing and smooth. So anyone thinking about splashing out on a skin oil, I really recommend this one.

And yes like a genius I know you're probably thinking, 'what the hell is that photo with the white paper hanging on the wall and the oversized light pointing at it doing in this post?', well fellow comrades that is my source of income (bahaha my english teacher would be proud). No kidding though, that is my very proudly owned backdrop and light which help me work my magic (taking photos that is, not reading your mind).

Anyway, I'm going to leave you now, in your peaceful bedroom, lounge, cloud, yatch in St. Tropez, flying carpet or where ever else you may be behind your computer screen.
Love, P.


  1. thats so cool where did you get the white backdrop??!



  2. A photography shop in the town I live but you can find them on the Internet in England :) xx

  3. How I LOVE 'LOVE' magazine, hehehehe!

  4. great post! :))


  5. These photos are great! :)

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  6. You set up may be small but I am jealous!
    Where did you get your light from?
    Now following you on GFC! Thanks for checking out my blog :) xxx
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    1. hehe pretty proud of it ;) i didnt actually buy the light, a friend of my mum's had it in her garage, it hadn't been used since 1997 but still works amazingly :D but you can find them on any online photography shops although they do tend to be rather pricey :/