May 8, 2013

à la française

dungarees & shoes- zara // rings & necklace - asos // nail varnish - louise gray for topshop 

well would you look at this? i'm actually starting to blog regularly and I now look forward to it so much. maybe it's because i'm desperate to get away from revision or am genuinely getting back into it! yay! 
I've had a very exciting week actually, received the necklace from asos and an amazing skirt which I shall blog about soon. I also found out that photos I took in December of an Australian model have been used on the Chadwick's website, check them out here (number 4, 7 and 8 are mine). Can't believe they actually used them.
anyway I'm completely in love with these Zara dungarees and my glitter nail polish. also considering bleaching my hair white for summer. 
and here's to a little french foodporn. best breakfast in the world.
Love, P.